Our Games

Midway games will be closed for winter October 1, 2018 - March 22, 2019. 2019 prices coming soon.
The rink arcade is open during all Open Skate sessions year-round.

Arcade Games

Something for everyone including driving games, air hockey, pin-ball machines, and crane games.

$.25 - $2 per game

Balloon Darts

This classic carnival game has been fun on the midway for generations.  Winner every time!

2019 Prices Coming Soon

Basketball Toss

Unleash your inner Trail Blazer. One ball through the hoop wins a prize!

2019 Prices Coming Soon

Bob's Fishin' Hole

Don't let those slippery fish escape! Every player is a winner! Great game for guests young and old.

2019 Prices Coming Soon

Bonanza Shooting Gallery

Take aim at targets of the old west at this vintage icon of the midway.

2019 Prices Coming Soon

Fun Zone

Players win tickets to choose prizes at our redemption counter with fun games like Skee Ball.

2019 Prices Coming Soon


All-ages toss game with the chance to win a giant stuffed animal!

2019 Prices Coming Soon

One Ball

Here's the windup… and the pitch! Knock down the jugs and win.

2019 Prices Coming Soon


Take home a fun image to hang on your wall.  Every dart is a winner!

2019 Prices Coming Soon

Roller Bowler

Win 10 times and get a jumbo stuffed animal to take home!

2019 Prices Coming Soon

Water Races

Squirt water in the clown's mouth at the fastest pace and you're a winner! 2 players minimum.

2019 Prices Coming Soon

Gift Shop

Visit our midway gift shop and our roller rink skate shop for Oaks Park souvenirs and more!