Our Games

Midway games will be closed for winter October 1, 2018 - March 22, 2019. Rink arcade open during all Open Skate sessions year-round.

Arcade Games

Something for everyone including driving games, air hockey, pin-ball machines, and crane games.

$.25 - $2 per game

Balloon Darts

This classic carnival game has been fun on the midway for generations.  Winner every time!

1 dart: $2 | 5 darts: $5

Basketball Toss

Unleash your inner Trail Blazer. One ball through the hoop wins a prize!

1 shot: $2 | 3 shots: $5

Bob's Fishin' Hole

Don't let those slippery fish escape! Every player is a winner! Great game for guests young and old.

$5 per play

Bonanza Shooting Gallery

Take aim at targets of the old west at this vintage icon of the midway.

$.50 per play

Fun Zone

Players win tickets to choose prizes at our redemption counter with fun games like Skee Ball.

$.25 - $2 per game


All-ages toss game with the chance to win a giant stuffed animal!

1 ball: $1 | 6 balls: $5

One Ball

Here's the windup… and the pitch! Knock down the jugs and win.

1 ball: $2 | 4 balls: $5


Take home a fun image to hang on your wall.  Every dart is a winner!

1 dart: $2 | 4 darts: $5

Roller Bowler

Win 10 times and get a jumbo stuffed animal to take home!

$.25 per play

Water Races

Squirt water in the clown's mouth at the fastest pace and you're a winner! 2 players minimum.

$2 per play

Gift Shop

Visit our midway gift shop and our roller rink skate shop for Oaks Park souvenirs and more!