Welcome to the Oaks Park Dance Pavilion

Our historic ballroom has played host to thousands of dances, weddings, auctions, reunions, holiday parties, anniversary galas, birthday celebrations, quinceañeras, corporate events, trade shows, and more. We look forward to adding your special day to the long list of memories made at Oaks Park.
Room Rental: $1200 for 6 hours │ $150 per additional hour
Rental includes up to 30 round seating tables, 300 chairs, a professional sound system, use of the kitchen appliances (excluding dishwasher and coffee machine), WIFI, free parking, spacious restroom facilities , bride's room , air conditioning , water cooler service, a podium , and a projection screen. Rental also includes one room host staff to keep the room clean and tidy, stock the restrooms, and oversee execution of the event contract. The room must be rented in full-hour increments.  See policies below for full information.
Seated Capacity: 450 │ Festival Capacity: 640
Approximately 5,000 square feet. Includes built-in stage, decorative lighting, restroom facilities, and ADA ramp.


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Affordable and delicious, nothing makes event planning easier than leaving the cooking to our in-house catering team.


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From linen to serviceware to staff, Oaks Park's event department offers everything you need to make sure your event comes off without a hitch!



Our weekday package is the most affordable rental option.  Available M-F during specified hours for parties of 100 or less.


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Rental Procedures & Policies

Reservations, Agreement, Fees, & Payments
 The room rental rate published at the time the reservation is made will apply. The published rates at the time the agreement is created and signed will apply to all other items and services.

To set a reservation, the following are required:
• $300 non-refundable deposit. The deposit will be credited toward the event total.
• A completed Credit Card Authorization form. The credit card authorization is required even if event organizers opt to pay deposits/fees by cash or check.
• Submission of an electronic Reservation Request Form.

A minimum of 28 days before the event the full order and event details are due. A completed rental agreement is due a minimum of 21 business days before the event. Completion of the the Event Agreement requires the following:
• A signed Event Reservation form stipulating the event order, event details, and fees.
• A signed floor plan.
• Submission of an electronic Policies Acknowledgment Form.
Building Access
Rentals are available between 7 AM and 1 AM.  The event organizer may only access the Dance Pavilion for the agreed upon time-frame as specified in the Event Reservation form.

Early admittance or late departure will result in the credit card on file being charged $150 per hour (charged by the full hour). 3rd-party entities participating in the event (e.g., caterers, performers, decorators, concessionaires, etc.) may also access the designated area(s) only during the specified time-frame. There are no refunds/discounts should the Pavilion Event choose to vacate before the end of the specified time-frame.

The capacity of the room is a maximum of 640 festival-style visitors. Seated capacity is a maximum of 450. Seating for up to 300 is included in the room rental fee; additional seating must be provided by the event organizer and placement of additional seating must be approved in advance by the Oaks Park Events Director.
With a security escort, event organizers may park a maximum of 4 vehicles in the designated Dance Pavilion parking spaces located near the Scream'n Eagle to the east of the building. Parking permits and a security escort are required for vehicles parking in the Dance Pavilion parking spaces; drivers are to call 503-789-6891 upon arrival to request escort and collect permit. The event organizer may opt to assign Dance Pavilion parking spots to outside vendors/exhibitors; security escort/permit requirements apply to 3rd-party vendors/exhibitor vehicles.

Parking for event attendees will be in Oaks Park free, first come, first served general parking lots. The event organizers may provide a-frame style signage in the parking lots and on The Midway directing pedestrian traffic from the lots to the event area; placement at the discretion of Oaks Park. For events with more than (10) 3rd-party exhibitors/vendors needing vehicular access to the building for setup/teardown, Oaks Park security personnel must be contracted at the current retail rate to direct and oversee exhibitor/vendor vehicle access or exhibitors/vendors will not be permitted to drive up to the building.

At any time, at the discretion of Oaks Park, vehicular access to the event area may be limited or vehicle access may not be available.
Oaks Park will ensure that the Dance Pavilion has been prepared as a clean, ready to use space by the start of the contracted setup time. Oaks Park will provide setup, tear-down, and cleanup of any materials rented from Oaks Park or included in the room rental fee, unless in the floor plan it is stated that the event organizer will do setup of Oaks Park’s materials. Oaks Park’s cleaning, setup, and tear-down will, as reasonable, take place outside of the rental period.

The event organizer is responsible for all setup and tear-down of materials not belonging to Oaks Park. By the conclusion of the rental period, the building must be vacated with all materials not belonging to Oaks Park removed from the building or disposed of in the provided trash receptacles. The building must be left in the same condition found upon arrival or a minimum fee of $500 will be charged to the card on file.
It is the responsibility of the organizer to verify the amenities included in the rental of the space by scheduling a tour with the Oaks Park Events Department. Some amenities are subject to seasonal limitations or exclusions. Many amenities require fees separate from the room rental fee.

Permanent structures, lights, sound equipment, etc., may not be moved or altered; movement/alteration will result in the card on file being charged a minimum fee of $500. Use of non-contracted items will result in the card on file being charged the published fee for the item(s) used, plus an additional service fee starting at $300.
Event Materials & Staff
Rental of the Dance Pavilion includes one room host, on-site during the entire rental period. The room host's duties include overseeing the use of the building and enforcing the contract. The event organizer is responsible for providing all materials and event staff except those materials/services ordered in the Event Reservation form.
Restroom facilities within the Dance Pavilion are monitored and stocked by Oaks Park staff.
Trash Removal
Oaks Park will supply trash receptacles in the Dance Pavilion; quantity and placement determined by Oaks Park. The organizer may re-position receptacles within the building as desired. The event organizer is responsible to ensure that all disposable items are placed in the provided receptacles by the conclusion of the event. Oaks Park staff will provide trash removal.
Audio Visual
Rental of the Oaks Park Dance Pavilion includes organizer use of a Mackie mixing board with MP3/laptop hookup, 2 speakers, and a wired microphone. The event organizer must supply MP3 player or laptop and cables to connect to system.

Professional performers, defined as any person/entity being paid to entertain event guests, must supply their own equipment, including sound equipment. The event organizer must supply Oaks Park management with contact information for all professional performers a minimum of 28 business days before the event. A minimum of 21 business days before the event, all professional performers, including DJs, must sign a separate agreement with Oaks Park. Failure to notify Oaks Park of professional performer participation according to the above stipulations will result in immediate termination of the event with no refunds.

Oaks Park reserves the right to monitor volume; at no point may the volume in the room exceed 90 decibels when measured by Pavilion staff at the bar. Instruction regarding sound must be complied with, or termination of the event, without refunds, may ensue.

For the safety of event guests, Oaks Park requires adequate lighting as determined by the room attendant. Use of a front projection screen is included; the Pavilion Event is responsible for supplying projector and laptop.
Oaks Park must pre-approve all decorations. No bubble machines, confetti cannons, rice, or pyrotechnics are permitted. Oaks Park property may not be moved or altered. No decorations may be anchored to, or suspended from, any surface, including the ceiling, without express, written consent by Oaks Park Management. Only painter’s/gaffer’s tape or Command 3M Removable Hooks may be used on any surfaces; no other adhesives, nor any tape, nails, screws, tacks, etc., may be used. Candles may be used when contained in glass votives taller than the flame.
Damage to, or loss of, Oaks Park's property due to negligence or misuse will be charged to your event.
Attraction Discounts
Oaks Park's group discount applies to the purchase of attraction tickets/bracelets. The order for attraction tickets/bracelets must be included in the Event Reservation for the discount to apply. Available discounts include:

• Standard Discount: 15% off any grade of ride bracelet, miniature golf admission, and/or Open Skate Session admission and conventional skate rental. Minimum purchase of 15 required.

• 501(c)(3) Nonprofit/K-12 Educational Organization Discount: 40% off any grade of ride bracelet. Must supply a tax-exempt ID number. Minimum purchase of 15 required.

It is the responsibility of the organizer to verify what is included with the various bracelet/ticket options by visiting our PRICES PAGE. The Bracelets/tickets will be given to the organizer in the quantity ordered during setup time the day of the event unless arrangements for early pick-up are made with the Oaks Park Events Director.  Attraction hours vary; visit our HOURS PAGE.
Food & Beverages
View the Food & Beverage page for policy info.

Guest Guidelines
Oaks Park's general guest guidelines apply to all event organizers, attendees, 3rd party vendors, etc.