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Oaks Park Roller Rink Safety Rules

​Outside food and non-alcoholic beverages are welcome in the amusement park. Alcohol is strictly prohibited. No outside food or beverage may be taken into the skating rink. Food and beverages are not permitted on attractions, including on the miniature golf course.

​Oaks​ ​Park offers first come, first served​ ​picnic tables along the waterfront for our guests to enjoy free of charge. All other​ ​picnic/event spaces are available for a fee, with advanced reservations. A limited number of reserved picnic​ ​areas may be available for rent on a walk-in basis; inquire at our Guest​ ​Services counter near the main gate. Charcoal​ ​must be disposed of in an appropriate​ ​receptacle; see​ Oaks Park staff for dump location. Seating tables on the midway are for guests with purchases from Oaks Park's food stands only.

Leaving personal articles unattended is prohibited, e.g., purses, bags, jackets, coolers, etc. Rental lockers are located on the midway near the Adrenaline Peak Roller Coaster, Scream'n Eagle, and near the front doors of the roller skating rink. Lockers within the rink are for use by skating rink patrons only. Check for lost items at our Guest Services counter located near the main gate. Separate lost and found services for items lost within the roller rink are located at the Skate Shop.

Strollers are available to rent from our Guest Services counter, located near the main gate. Oaks Park does not currently offer stroller parking. Baby changing stations are available in most restrooms. Nursing mothers, please inquire about privacy options at the Guest Services counter near the main gate.

Friendly dogs are welcome when leashed and must be attended at all times; no other animals are allowed except trained service animals. Care and clean-up is the responsibility of the handler. For everyone's safety, pets are not permitted on attractions.


Fireworks, weapons, drugs, and personal alcoholic beverages are prohibited on Oaks Park property. Individuals under the influence may not be allowed to stay.

All guests must maintain dress and behavior standards in accordance with the park's mission of providing a safe, wholesome, family atmosphere. No offensive language, gestures, or attire are permitted.

Oaks Park accepts cash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), Apple Pay, and Android Pay. ATMs are located at the midway food stand seating area and in the lobby of the roller skating rink. Checks are not accepted. No refunds.

Smoking is permitted only in designated areas within Oaks Park's green spaces and parking lots. Smoking is prohibited on the midway, in the roller rink, and in restrooms. Your courtesy is appreciated.

Oaks Park does not offer personal paging. We recommend that families/groups designate a meeting place should you become separated. Lost children will be kept with an Oaks Park employee until a caregiver is located.

Line jumping is not allowed. Line jumping is defined as cutting in front of other guests waiting in line, leaving a line then trying to re-enter the line at the same point, or saving a place for someone.

Roller skating is a fun and active pastime. For the safety of all skaters, the following rink rules apply during all skate sessions, classes, special events, in addition to the general park rules listed above:

  • All guests must wear skates to be on the skating floor except during Preschool Play & Skate.
  • Outside food and beverages are not allowed in the roller rink. Food/beverages may be purchased at the roller rink snack bar. All food and beverages must stay in the snack bar.
  • Gum is not allowed in the roller rink.
  • Skates may not to be worn into, or out of, the roller rink.
  • No "in and out" privileges or loitering around the building.
  • Adults accompanying children may enter as spectators at no charge.
  • On Friday and Saturday evenings, everyone is required to be on skates in the building except parents/guardians or group chaperones.
  • Hats, headgear, headsets, Bluetooth, and sunglasses may not be worn while roller skating.
  • Loose items are not permitted on the skating floor, e.g., cell phones, cameras, stuffed animals, etc.
  • Loose clothing draped or tied around the body may not be taken on the skating floor.
  • The following behaviors are prohibited: jumping, fast or reckless skating, weaving, zigzagging, practicing roller derby moves through traffic.
  • No pushing, shoving, racing, chasing, or playing tag is permitted in the roller rink.
  • All skaters must keep moving while on the skating floor. Skaters may not stop and stand along the skating rink sidewalls or eat and drink over the walls.
  • No one may pick up and/or carry anyone while wearing skates including parents of small children.
  • Sitting on, or jumping over, the skating floor sidewalls is not allowed.
  • Sitting on laps or showing excessive affection is not allowed.
  • Report all conflicts and safety concerns to the staff.

Thank you for your cooperation and for being courteous to your fellow guests and Oaks Park staff. We hope you have a great time!