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Intermediate Rides

The Rockin Tug!

Set sail for adventure on the latest innovative family ride from the creative minds at Zamperla. Combining a unique combination of rocking and whirling motions, The Rockin Tug is an adventure for the entire family. Must be over 42" or ride with an adult.

Up, Up and Away

Experience the thrill of a hot air balloon ride. Spin to the top of the fifty-foot tower and enjoy beautiful views of the city and Oaks Bottom. Requires bracelet or ticket must be 42 inches to ride.

Big Pink Slide

Old Fashion good times for little kids & kids at heart. No moving parts! Must be over 34" or ride with an adult. (Closed until May for Renovations)



The Herschell-Spillman Carrousel

The heart beat of historic Oaks Park. A 1912 American carved piece of folk art. Not to be missed on your visit to the park. Must be over 34" or ride with an adult.

Ferris Wheel

A big hit with traditional carnival fun seekers. Our "Eli Bridge" Wheel is the real wheel........ we mean deal! has created some of the world's most thrilling Ferris wheels. Must be over 48" or ride with an adult.

The Frog Hopper

Share pint size thrills with your little ones. Its a hip-hop way to ride! Must be over 34" or ride with an adult.


Test your driving skills while racing around our exciting mini racing track. Go-Carts Rule!!!! Must be 58" or taller to drive.

The Round-up

Round and round you go, where you stop......... is our business.

The Scrambler

A real family style ride that brings you all together... just like an omelet. Must be over 48" or ride with an adult.

The Train

Need a vacation from the noise of the midway. We have just the ticket. Take a scenic tour of Oaks Park along the waterfront and back. Everyone loves this train and has for 96 years. Must be over 34" or ride with an adult.

The Zoooom Coaster      

A perfect alternative for the Looping Thunder. The right size thrill for all of our family guest. Must be over 34" or ride with an adult.


Bumper cars

One of the most popular attractions in the park. Chase your friends around the scooter building in these antique bumper cars. Must be over 54".

Ride bracelets or individual tickets are available for purchase. Don't forget to visit kidland, "Acorn Acres," complete with a family roller coaster. All park rides operate weekends in the spring and daily beginning in June through September.
We always have ride price specials!

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