Roller Rink Safety Rules

Coming & Going
Skates may not to be worn into, or out of, the roller rink. No "in and out" privileges or loitering around the building. Adults accompanying children may enter as spectators at no charge. On Friday and Saturday evenings, everyone is required to be on skates in the building except parents/guardians or group chaperones.
Personal Skates
Personal skates are welcome, subject to inspection by Oaks Park staff. Skates that are determined by Oaks Park staff to run a risk of damage to Oaks Park's property or to skater safety may not be used.
Food & Beverage
Outside food and beverages are not allowed in the roller rink. Food/beverages may be purchased at the roller rink snack bar. All food and beverages must stay in the snack bar. Gum is not allowed in the roller rink.
Personal Items
Hats, headgear, headsets, Bluetooth, and sunglasses may not be worn while roller skating. Loose items are not permitted on the skating floor, e.g., cell phones, cameras, stuffed animals, etc. Loose clothing draped or tied around the body may not be taken on the skating floor. Lockers are available for $.25 - $.50 within the roller rink.
Safe Skating Practices
All guests must wear skates to be on the skating floor except during Preschool Play & Skate. For everyone's safety, the following behaviors are prohibited: jumping, fast or reckless skating, weaving, zigzagging, practicing roller derby moves through traffic. Pushing, shoving, racing, chasing, or playing tag is not permitted anywhere in the roller rink. All skaters must keep moving while on the skating floor; skaters may not stop and stand along the skating rink sidewalls or eat and drink over the walls. No one may pick up and/or carry anyone while wearing skates, including parents of small children. Sitting on, or jumping over, the skating floor sidewalls is not allowed. Sitting on laps or showing excessive affection is not allowed. Report all conflicts and safety concerns to the staff.
Additional Guidelines
In addition to the rink rules listed above, our general guest guidelines apply to all roller rink guests.